Harry Aronowitz, DMD, Orthodontist (aka Dr.A)

Dr. A has long been recognized for providing beautiful smiles to children and adults,
while offering a pleasant and heartwarming experience. In recent years, inspired by his association with Sunset Pediatric Dental Group, his focus has been on early treatment and its enormous value in simplifying potentially complicated orthodontic problems. Intercepting anticipated orthodontic challenges in young children before permanent teeth erupt can often avoid long and invasive future treatment in teenage years.

Dr. Harry Arnowitz, DMD

Dr. A at 9 Years-old

Meet Dr. A

When I was a little boy I wanted to grow up and be just like my Dad. Louis Raphael Aronowitz, was an old- fashioned dentist, who had his office downstairs from our home in Brooklyn. When walking with my Dad in the neighborhood, we couldn’t go far without one of his patients stopping to chat, and proclaiming how he made going to the dentist something to look forward to.

Dr. A, has spent his life loving his family, and his work and caring for his orthodontic family. The foundation of his training began in dental school at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where he was inspired by brilliant mentors, who ignited the spark in him to specialize in orthodontics. There he learned that not only could he enhance smiles, but also affect self confidence in children during their formative years

From there he took his orthodontic training at USC and never left.

This gave him the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of technologies that are constantly developing in the field. He also has access to the entire USC faculty for consultation. As a full clinical professor Dr. A has the privilege of guiding the best and the brightest orthodontic residents in using their hands, hearts, and heads, to become well respected orthodontists. Dr. A has graduates practicing all around the U.S. and the world. When patients are relocating across the globe he usually has a trusted colleague to recommend to continue their treatment.

As every patient presents with their own unique combination of orthodontic challenges, Dr. A applies his skill set to discover the most effective and comfortable path to a well-balanced face and beautiful smile.

It is no wonder that he is the choice of many dentists for their own children.


Dr. and Mrs. A standing with several of the graduate students he taught at USC.

Dr. Harry Arnowitz, DMD

What Does a First Visit to Dr a Look Like?

Dr. A is ALWAYS the first touch point of your visit. If you are eight or eighty years young, he interviews you, the patient, on what you like about your smile and what you feel needs improvement. He then works up a treatment plan, determines the next step and turns you over to the treatment coordinator. Every visit thereafter, you will always have access to Dr. A along with his well trained team.


Robert R. Smith DDS

Sunset Pediatric Dental Group Founder

I opened our pediatric dental practice in 1979. Through many years of caring for the dental needs of children, I have learned a great respect for my role in the lives of my patients, and equally, their role in mine. I'm not here simply to repair a broken tooth. I'm called on to provide a comprehensive service that adds to the general health and well-being of the kids. With all humility, I must say my role is much larger than the technical skills I learned in school many years ago.

Dr. Aronowitz shares that vision of his role as orthodontist here. I can see it in the way he carefully manages the growth and development of each patient's mouth and oral-facial complex. He does not count the number of patients he sees each day to translate that into his monthly earnings. He counts rather the number of times he can show me a successful outcome that he has worked on for half a child's life. And if he has only one to show this week or half-dozen, he will be proud of each case. He is truly dedicated to his work. He truly understands his role in the lives of his patients.

I am honored that he is a functional part of the practice I started a little more than 40 years ago.

Ashi H.

Los Angeles California

I was born with a Cleft Pallet. When I turned eight I started seeing DR. Aronowitz because I basically had no straight teeth, (actually, I had basically no teeth at all), due to the Cleft. I am 22 now and today was my final day with Dr. Aronowitz, looking back at the past 14 years I always left the office with the feeling that I was taken care of. With a Cleft Pallet patient there are hundreds of obstacles, and Dr. Aronowitz and his team overcame each one, every single visit. I am beyond grateful that I stepped into his office with my mom and dad 14 years ago, for I stepped out a new person. I would like to publicly thank Dr. Aronowitz and his staff for all the incredible work they've done to bring me to today. I would highly recommend Dr. Aronowitz to anyone and everyone.

Jessica A.

Beverly Hills California

Where do I begin?!?! This has been the most wonderful experience from the very beginning! Dr. Aronowitz and his staff take care of the patients and their families flawlessly. His staff is an extension of him; professional, courteous, talented and friendly. I have a daughter who got her braces off today and her smile is BRILLIANT! My son will be seen here as well; and we all cannot wait! Dr. A has a unique combination of creating the most beautiful smile and also ensuring that her bite, facial proportions, and lips are all considered in this process. Dr. A not only has a fantastic Beverly Hills/West Hollywood private practice; but he is a clinical professor at USC, and is a part of both the traditional and cutting-edge techniques!

Lily H Ghafouri DMD MS

Sunset Pediatric Dental Group

Dr. Harry Aronowitz is by far the best orthodontist with whom I have ever worked. His results are flawless, his patients are ecstatic, and his staff is so kind. It has been a pleasure having him as a part of our practice.

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